Thomas Graff- Time Will Tell (Official Music Video)

Thomas Graff performs "Time Will Tell" on UT-TV "Night and Day"

Thomas Graff on RAW: San Diego


Included Intuition - Full Album

Included Intuition - Full Album

Life of an Artist - 5 Track EP

Life of an Artist - 5 Track EP

 Be Here When I Sing - Single

 Be Here When I Sing - Single

With understanding and maturity for music beyond his own years, Thomas Graff has intricately woven his Pop/Rock influenced sound through the Chicagoland nightlife scene since he was 13 years old. Discovered at a talent show, Graff was invited to perform with an established cover band called The Affects. The band, comprised of 40 something year-olds, hired Graff as lead saxophone player and singer at his young age of 13. Graff racked up an impressive repertoire of 250 + songs and over 325 performances with the band. While in college, he built his own performance group and became a featured artist at Northern Illinois University, The Watertower Place in Chicago, The Rouge Wine Cellar, and began recording and then released his first album titled "Caroling Cousins." The album features his 2 sisters and 5 cousins who sold the albums to raise money for Misericordia (a residency for people who have mental health issues). In 2010, Graff moved to San Diego, CA to pursue a solo career as an artist. After performing at highly celebrated venues such as The House of Blues in Hollywood and the Hotel Del Coronado, he released his first solo album titled "Included Intuition" on iTunes and Graff now lives in New York City and has a residency at Winegasm in Astoria, NY. His latest EP, "Life of an Artist," was release in 2013 along with his newest single "Be Here When I Sing" on iTunes,, Spotify, and Google Play. This summer, Graff performed on the mainstage at San Diego Pride hosted by LaToya Jackson and on UT-TV's Night and Day, UT-TV's Morning Show live and the CW's San Diego Living. To learn more about show information and other happenings for Thomas, visit Thomas-Graff (the fan page) on Facebook."

2013 Semi-finalist  

Thomas Graff on Indies in Motion radio show  

Aurora Gallery - featured artist


Behind the scenes of Thomas Graff's recording sessions in Hollywood, California at Paramount Studios and Glenwood Place Studios.

Thomas Graff covers 'Use Somebody' by Kings Of Leon.

Cover of Beyonce's "Love On Top" by Thomas Graff

"INCLUDED INTUITION" official music video. Written and Performed by: Thomas Graff Executive Producer: Bonnie Acar Produced and Engineered by: Gus Cryns/Cody Hahn Mixed by: Gus Cryns Video by: Prosper Kitilya of Shy Guy Productions Warning: All rights reserved

"Sweet Pea" by Amos Lee covered by Thomas Graff

"Falling Slowly" from the musical Once covered by Thomas Graff and Jaclyn Hochreiter